Tapas & snacks

Our tapas boards are served with our homemade bread

  • Small bites
    pr. piece 40,- // the mix 95,-

    Salted almands, olives, snack sausages

  • Jamón Ibérico with mustad mayo
    95 kr.

    Iberian ham that matures for 36 months

  • The easy tapas
    95 kr.

    2 delicious cheeses, 2 charcuterie with nice garniture

  • The big tapas
    145 kr.

    3 delicious cheeses, 4 charcuterie with nice garniture

  • The delicious tapas
    175 kr.

    Salmon, new potatoes, 3 delicious cheeses, 4 charcuterie with nice garniture


Served with our homemade bread

  • Cured salmon
    89 kr.

    with squash, cucumber, crispy salads, smoked cheese, dressing and crispy rye bread

  • Langoustine bisque
    95 kr.

    with fried scallop and crispy potato

  • Beef tartar
    95 kr.

    with spring onions, beetroot, truffle mayo, toasted capers and pickled gherkin

  • Salsify
    95 kr.

    with chives mayo, parsley puree, radish and French walnuts

Main Courses

  • Lamb culotte
    185 kr.

    with garlic, green herbs and variations of carrot

  • Risotto
    185 kr.

    with truffle, mascarpone, parsley, peas, spinach, parmesan and red currant

  • Today’s fresh catch
    185 kr.

    with cabbage, green beans, nettle sauce and crispy salad

  • Homemade mushroom steak
    175 kr.

    with cauliflower puree, new onions, mixed mushrooms and crispy sage

  • Beef Ribeye 300 gr
    255 kr.

    with puree of cauliflower, new onions, mixed mushrooms, sauce and crispy sage

Side dishes for the main courses

  • Green salad
    45 kr.

    with balsamic dressing, feta, toasted bread and pickled red onion

  • Burrata
    79 kr.

    with arugula, dressing, crispy capers and herbs

  • Danish oven-baked potatoes
    65 kr.

    with butter and thyme

  • Broccoli, tomato
    55 kr.

    red onion, smoked almonds, citrus dressing and chervil

Cheese & desserts

  • Cheese
    3 pieces 89 kr. | 5 pieces 145 kr.

    Selection of cheeses with sweet-pickled walnuts, compote and homemade crispbread

  • Chocolate fondant with sorbet
    75 kr.
  • Mazarin cake with gooseberry, buckthorn and white chocolate cream
    65 kr.
  • White chocolate Panna Cotta with blackberries and rhubarb
    65 kr.

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